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Selecting Your Wedding Cake - Food Friday

Posted on 21 June, 2013 at 9:10

If you have a sweet tooth, love cake, or just generally enjoy eating, then I guarantee that choosing your wedding cake will be one of your favorite parts of wedding planning.

However, it can get tricky, from the design, to flavors, portion size, and budget there are a lot of factors to consider. Essence of Events has been through cake shops enough times though to be able to walk you through some guidelines of choosing your wedding cake and to share with you some of our tips and tricks.

Think about design. This is the fun part (beside the tasting) because it will allow you to continue your theme onto another platform. Search on Pinterest and Google for cake keywords to get some vision, and talk to your cake designer about mixing up past designs.

Be honest about your budget. There are lots of ways to translate designs (peonies and lace, anyone?) onto your cake in less expensive ways. You have to be upfront from the beginning though. However if you are on a tight budget, think about having an oversized statement sugar flower or blocks of color rather than piped lace or floral cascades.

If it's the presentation of a tiered cake but you want to cut your costs and feed the other 100+ guests, opt for a three tier with the design you want and purchase sheet cakes to be cut in the back and served to your guests. We guaranteed they will never notice the difference and will be impressed that your three tier cake was able to feed 250 guests!

Portions dictate size. It’s not the other way around, the number of people you need to serve is more important than the number of tiers you think your cake should have. If your number is on the low side you can make it up with dummy tiers, but bear in mind that they aren’t free, and a five tier cake at a wedding with 40 people will probably result in a few awkward stares.

Make sure you like their style. Cake designers have styles. If you’re looking for a modern cake, don’t go to the baker who still uses pillars and stairways. The same goes for buttercream and fondant. Some designers are happy to work with both, but you’re much better off finding someone who works with the medium you want for your cake. Most bakers are happy to work with or have experience with different frosting mediums. The best way to know is to ask.

You get what you pay for. If you want to save money, try to be flexible with your designs but as the saying goes, “cheap cake ain’t good, good cake ain’t cheap.”

For even more wedding tips for your big day, and for recommended bakers who can help create your dream cake, contact Essence of Events today. To schedule your free, initial consultation call 253.292.1482 or email [email protected]

Written by Samantha Macrae


Categories: Food/Beverages/Cake/Desserts

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