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An exclusive certification masterclass experience for full embodiment of success in your goals based on your core essence and values.

This 18 week expansive experience is designed for you who are ready to break free from indoctrinated ideology or limiting beliefs.

Learning to open up fully to the gifts that exist when you allow yourself to choose what to keep and who you truly are.

Generate more income, abundance and create the freedom you so desire.

This is an exclusive transformational journey for you who are ready to defy social norms and grab hold of your ultimate power through your inner essence.

If you are ready to move mountains in your relationships and in business.

If you're tired of the norm and feeling trapped in a loop of mediocrity while inside screams for a more deep and meaningful life, this is the perfect experience for you.

This is for you if you're ready to embrace and learn ways to promote your abilities, getting you set up to influence and create more of an impact on the world around you.

Let's get you into an exclusive network of like-minded disruptors and those who are truly embracing the gifts they hold inside to generate more income while fulfilling their purpose with more freedom.

Find joy again as you learn your true values and passions. Lean into your true essence and begin trusting in the timing of your journey. Choosing how to align a life of pleasure with your passions, values and goals.

I'm super elated to share with those of you who are being called into your fullest transformational journey yet, THE ultimate transitional experience.


  • Access to Exclusive T.R.U.T.H. Experience Group
  • Weekly Group Synergistic Essence Embody Chats Online
  • 4 - Private One-On-One Essence Embody Zoom Chats with Me (each 60 min. max)
  • Access to Private 3- Day SEEN Experience and Group up to Completion of T.R.U.T.H. Experience
  • 3 Months Personalized Essence Embody Design Plan
  • Advanced Practices to Integrate Essence Embody Design Plan
  • Pattern Recognition and Reprogramming
  • Transgenerational and Limiting Belief Awareness and Rewiring
  • Learn to Explore All the Tools to Work Through Triggers and Trauma for Yourself and/or Clients
  • Access to T.R.U.T.H. Experience 90 Days Past Completion
  • T.R.U.T.H. Certificate Upon Completion

Limited Spaces Available so be sure to SAVE YOUR PLACE


Chelle Culp in person Mentorship

one-on-one In-person mentorship

Step into your most luxurious self as you become rich from the inside out. Align mind, body and spirit with your deepest desires and gifts in this intimate one-on-one IN-PERSON mentorship with a qualified mentor. (2 hr. min)

Essence Embody in-person 1:1 Mentorship 2hr.